If You Want Trails and Hiking, Take a Trip to H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve

Park Overview:


H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve lies along the banks of the Sheyenne River. It is located approximately 24 miles to the east northeast of Lisbon, ND, and is about a 20-mile drive to the southeast from Enderlin, ND.

From Enderlin, you can take N Dakota 46 E going 14 miles, after which you head south for four miles, and then another mile west. A series of short straights follows, first to the south for 3¼ miles, east for ¾ mile, north for ¼ mile, and east for &frac12 mile. After these dizzying turns, you hit the gravel road that brings you to the southern and western boundaries of the nature preserve.

The nearest major airport to H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve is the Hector International Airport in Fargo, ND. From Main Avenue, turn right into I 94 S then merge into I 94 W. Exit at 331 into N Dakota 18 N then turn left to N Dakota 18 S and drive straight to N Dakota 46 W. Drive for three miles. This is where you join the route from Enderlin. Turn south from N Dakota 46, and follow the route as outlined in the route from Enderlin.


The area is a nature preserve that has been left largely undeveloped. It is managed by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, which has opted not to construct amenities or facilities within its 40 acres of wooded slopes and sandhill deposits in order to leave it as it was originally formed by nature.


The nearest things to amenities that the H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve has are its hiking and horseback trails. There are no toilets, piped water supply, cooking facilities, or cabins, and there is certainly no electric power. Camping, however, is allowed in certain areas. Still, you will should make sure to bring everything you’ll need, such as your tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, and, of course, food and water. If you plan on enjoying your primitive camping beyond 10 days, you will need to get a permit from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.


With the trails through the nature preserve, people who literally want to get away from it all can enjoy hiking inside forests of basswood, elm, aspen, and stunted oaks, along oxbow ponds and beaver dams, or on choppy grass-covered dunes. Horseback riding is also allowed along the trails if your legs are a little too tired.

There are plenty of rare plants within the preserve that nature lovers and botanists would be interested in, including delicate sedge, moonwort, marsh bellflower, showy lady’s slipper orchid, and sensitive fern among others. There are also rare animals, like the lizard prairie skink, and the butterflies Dakota skipper, mulberry wing, and broad-winged skipper. And of course, there are also the not-so-rare birds that birders can enjoy watching and identifying.

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Park Details:
Park Name: H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve Showers: No
State Park: No Electrical Hookups: No
Address: ND Game and Fish Department
100 N. Bismarck Expressway
Playground: No
City: Birsmarck Acreage: 40
State: North Dakota Horses Allowed: Yes
Zip Code: 58501 Picknicking: No
Phone Number: (701) 328.6300 Boating: No
Toll Free Number: Canoeing: No
Reservation Number: Water Skiing: No
Email Address: ndgf@nd.gov Fishing: No
RV Sites: No Swimming: No
Pets Allowed: No Restaurant: No
Hiking: Yes Reservations Allowed: No
Biking: No Others:
Cabins & Lodging: No Tent Camping: Yes

The nature preserve is open to the public free of charge.

Hours and Seasons:

H. R. Morgan State Nature Preserve is open for the whole year.