Go to Devils Lake State Parks for Camping, Hiking and Boating

Devils Lake State Parks - A Great Outdoor Experience in North Dakota

Park Overview:


Nestled along the banks of North Dakota’s largest lake are the two Devils Lake State Parks, made up of 1,122 acres of rolling prairie, hiking trails, and saltwater lake teeming with perch, bass, and walleye. The area also includes Grahams Island State Park and the Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area.

A variety of activities await the nature lover and the adventurer at Devils Lake, whether you decide to visit the area in winter or in summer. However, please keep in mind that the hottest of summer days can reach up to 80°, and the coldest of winter nights can dip down to 10° below 0.

To get to the the state parks from Devils Lake in Ramsey County, drive east for 10 miles on State Highway 2 then turn south and travel for another six miles.


Devils Lake is surrounded by many legends of great warriors drowning in its depths and lake monsters waiting for prey. In fact, the Native American Indians of the area used to call the lake Miniwaukan, which means “spirit” in English. Rough translation by early explorers changed the meaning to “bad spirit,” thanks to the horror stories that have cropped up about the lake. The name evolved into Devils Lake over time.


On the eastern side of Devils Lake is Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area, where you can find the boating facilities, which can accommodate hundreds of occasional boating hobbyists as well as enthusiasts. The parks also have several camping grounds for wilderness camping and cabin camping. There are electrical hookups, showers, and grills for outdoor picnics.


Everyone can have a good time at Devils Lake with its variety of nature-based activities. Which essentially offer something for almost every type of outdoor interest. You can, for example, choose from boating, camping, hiking, swimming, picnicking, water sports, wildlife viewing, and water sports.

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Directions: 10 miles west of Devils Lake on Highway 19, then five miles south on Grahams Island Road

Park Details:
Park Name: Devils Lake State Parks Showers: Yes
State Park: Yes Electrical Hookups: Yes
Address: 152 S. Duncan Road Playground: Yes
City: Devils Lake Acreage: 283
State: North Dakota Horses Allowed: No
Zip Code: 58301 Picknicking: Yes
Phone Number: (701) 766-4015 Boating: Yes
Toll Free Number: Canoeing: Yes
Reservation Number: Water Skiing: Yes
Email Address: dlsp@nd.gov Fishing: Yes
RV Sites: Yes Swimming: Yes
Pets Allowed: No Restaurant: No
Hiking: Yes Reservations Allowed: Yes
Biking: Yes Others: 107 campsites
Cabins & Lodging: Yes Tent Camping: Yes

Park entrance is at $4 per vehicle everyday, but if you plan on visiting the area more than six times each year, you can get a discounted rate of $25 for the whole year. Camping costs $12 per night per person, but if you’re planning on getting electrical hookups, it’s $20, and five-person cabins can be rented at $40 every night.

Hours and Seasons:

You can enjoy the sights and sounds, the tastes and the aftertastes, of Devils Lake all year round.