Tiger Bay State Recreation Area

Park Overview:


Black Tiger Bay State Recreation area is one of the two autonomous parks that belong to the Devils Lake State Parks system. The other is Grahams Island State Park, located on the northern shores of the state’s largest natural lake.

Black Tiger Bay is located on the eastern side of Devils Lake. To reach the area, drive 10 miles west from Devils Lake City on Highway 19, then travel five miles south on Grahams Island Road. You can also take an alternate route east.

From the city, go seven miles east on Highway 2, venture five miles down south, then turn west and drive for three miles.


Black Tiger Bay is part of Devils Lake, the biggest natural lake found in North Dakota. Many legends have surrounded the lake since the time of the Native American Indians who first settled in the area.

Devils Lake used to be called Miniwaukan. When translated into English, Miniwaukan means “spirit,” a reference to the legendary spirits that live within the depths of the lake. However, early translators mistakenly interpreted Miniwaukan as “bad spirit” until the name eventually evolved into “devil.”


The park is used exclusively for boating. There are two single-lane boat ramps for launching your boat into the water and a large parking space for boat trailers.


Boating is the main attraction at Black Tiger Bay. Other activities, such as camping, hiking, picnicking, and biking, can be done at the campgrounds designated at Devils Lake State Park.

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Park Details:
Park Name: Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area Showers: No
State Park: No Electrical Hookups: No
Address: 152 S. Duncan Road, Devils Lake, North Dakota Playground: No
City: Devils Lake Acreage: 0
State: North Dakota Horses Allowed: No
Zip Code: 58301 Picknicking: No
Phone Number: (701) 766-4015 Boating: Yes
Toll Free Number: Canoeing: Yes
Reservation Number: Water Skiing: No
Email Address: dlsp@nd.gov Fishing: Yes
RV Sites: No Swimming: No
Pets Allowed: No Restaurant: No
Hiking: No Reservations Allowed: No
Biking: No Others:
Cabins & Lodging: No Tent Camping: No


There are no entrance fees at Black Tiger Bay.

Hours and Seasons:

Black Tiger Bay and its amenities are for day-use only, although the park is open all year round for boaters.