Don’t Go On Your Next Overnight Distance Hike Without This Outdoor Gear

An outdoor backpacking trip can be a fun and potentially life-changing experience.  But it’s important to take the right outdoor gear with you in order to have a successful trip.

Here is the gear that you definitely should consider:

The Essentials


Naturally, the backpack is where you will store most of your equipment. Long distance backpacks come in a variety of shapes and configurations. As the backpack is, perhaps, the most important item you will use, take the time to visit outdoor shops, read online reviews and try out a variety of packs before deciding on one.


Even if the ground is relatively free of rocks or roots, the repetitive nature of walking multiple miles per day will cause your feet to ache uncontrollably and form blisters if you don’t get the right pair of boots. Boots need to be well fitting and lightweight, yet firm and rugged enough to protect your feet from the elements.

Dont Go On Your Next Overnight Distance Hike Without This Outdoor Gear

Don't Go On Your Next Overnight Distance Hike Without This Outdoor Gear

Further, investing in waterproofing solution and cushioned insoles can go a long way towards keeping your feet dry and as comfortable as possible.

Sleeping Bag and Pad

Sleeping bags come in a wide variety of styles. When choosing a sleeping bag, make sure to get one that is rated for the coldest weather you can possibly encounter. There are few things worse then getting out on the trail and realizing your sleeping bag does not adequately keep your body warm. This is especially important if you are going on a winter expedition. Find the lightest and warmest sleeping bag that you can afford to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Just as important is your padding. A pad will keep you comfortable while resting, and will protect your body from the ground. A pad can be made from lightweight foam or can be inflatable and still provide a decent amount of comfort.

Sleep is essential to keeping your strength up, and if you don’t get the appropriate outdoor gear for sleeping you will find that your trip is less fun and more stress.


Most tents for hiking trips are small and lightweight. While you need to be sure to get a tent that is made to accommodate the number of people on your trip, make sure to get the smallest and lightest model you can afford that will still protect against the environment.

Obviously, this is a brief overview of the items you need to consider for a safe and enjoyable trip.  But these essentials are just that – essential.  So think about your backpack, boots, sleeping gear and tent carefully before heading out on the trail!

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