The Buyer’s Guide to Folding Camping Chairs

The Buyer’s Guide to Folding Camping Chairs

The Buyer’s Guide to Folding Camping Chairs

Frederic Arnold invented the first foldable chair in 1947. More than seventy years have passed and folding camping chairs have considerably evolved since then. Now, campers have the luxury of choosing from a wider and better selection of camping chairs to make their camping trip more enjoyable than ever.

Factors to Consider When Buying Folding Camping Chairs

Use the factors below as a checklist to end up with the best camping chair for your trip.


How big a chair do you need? Most chairs come in standard sizes but there are a number of models that have been designed with oversize frames. Expect to pay more for them, though. There are also a number of kiddie-sized camping chairs available if you wish your child to have his very own throne when you go on an outdoor trip.


Weatherproof protection – or at least water-resistant capabilities – and durability should be your topmost concerns when shopping for camping chairs. Another factor to consider is the texture. Those with sensitive skin should look for chairs with fabrics that won’t irritate their skin.


There are basically two types of frames used for camping chairs. Some come with side X designs while others have the X-shaped support at the back. Some people prefer the latter type as it gives them a better sense of sturdiness and stability when they lean back against their camping chairs.

Consider the materials used for the frame of your chair. The more expensive ones would be made purely of steel. That would mean having to bear just a little bit extra weight but it promises greater durability as well.


Folding camping chairs come in a variety of colors and designs and since they won’t affect your comfort in any way, you can choose in whichever you want. Stains won’t show as easily with darker-colored chairs while neutral shades would blend more easily with the background. Then again, there are also some models that come in beautiful pastel and fun colors like pink and orange if you wish for something fashionable.


Most foldable chairs come with their own backpacks or hand-carry or body bags. If you already have a backpack, another form of packing or case for your camping chair would be ideal.


Think armrests and cup holders, padded seats and back, and extra storage space. Do you need one or all?


Finally, low end folding camping chairs won’t come with warranties but higher-end models may even offer you lifetime warranty.

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