How to Choose the Best Camping Equipment

How to Choose the Best Camping Equipment

How to Choose the Best Camp Equipment

With the best camp equipment, you’ll be able to create a home away from home no matter when or where you go camping.


The first thing you should consider is its size. It must be large enough to accommodate you and whoever else will be using the tent with you. It must also be made of highly durable and weatherproof materials. Even if weather forecasts say you’ve got sunny weather ahead, there’s really no telling what could happen when you’re outdoors and your fate lies in Mother Nature’s hands.

Sleeping Bags and Pads

A tent isn’t the only thing you need, however, for sleeping. You also need sleeping bags and pads. For sleeping beds, choose something that has a snug fit but with enough room to wiggle about. If possible, look for those with built-in headrests.

Sleeping pads, on the other hand, are placed underneath your sleeping bags for increased comfort and protection from the cold, hard ground.

Camping Stoves

There are different types of camping stoves available in a wide range of prices. Basic stoves are usually simple to set up but they also require greater time for food preparation. The more advanced models are expectedly more difficult to set up, but they can perform a greater array of functions. Some may even give you the means to bake delicious cupcakes while enjoying a relaxing time under the sun.

Camping Lanterns

When night falls, light goes out…or at least it would if you don’t have a camping lantern with you. Lanterns are mainly categorized according to their source of power, which could be battery, gas, or just plain fire for candle lanterns.

Candle lanterns are the cheapest and even quite simple to do, provided you have the necessary materials. But they are also the most prone to losing heat or power when exposed to air or water.

If you plan on leaving your lantern on for the rest of the night, you might want to stick to using a battery lantern. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning the entire camp down when your gas or candle lantern touches any flammable material.

Tarps and Nets

These provide additional and temporary shelter and protection against common outdoor problems. A tarp could be erected to provide cover or shade for your lounge or cooking area. Use mosquito nets as curtains for every side so that you’ll be protected from insect bites even while you’re out of your tent.

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