A Trip to Enjoy North Dakota Parks Byways

A Trip to Enjoy North Dakota Parks Byways

A Trip to Enjoy North Dakota Parks Byways

Make good use of the sample itinerary below if you want to completely explore the best North Dakota parks byways.

Day One

Start by taking the I-94 and head west to Valley City. From here, you’ll be able to enjoy the Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway. You can enjoy a nice lunch or a brief stopover in Lisbon afterwards.

Take Highway 27 and head west to reach Highway 1. Head south then west as you drive along H-13 until you access the James River Valley Scenic Byway from its southern gate. Head north and you will find yourself back in I-94. Head to Bismarck, the state capital, and stay for the night.

Day Two

Once you’ve enjoyed the many attractions that Bismarck has to offer, take River Road until you reach Highway 83. Continue until you reach the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center (a place that deserves its own trip if you have time for it) and finally, the Sakakawea Scenic Byway.

When you reach Stanton, head south as you reach H-31. Drive to H-26, go east then south so you’ll be back again in I-94.

Day Three

Head to Mandan next and drive along Highway 1806 to reach the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, which houses highly popular attractions like The Custer House and On-A-Slant Indian Village. Afterwards, go back to H-1806 and head south to access the north point of the Standing Rock Historical Scenic Byway.

Enjoy the sights and continue on until you have to take a west to drive along Highway 6 and 21. Head west to reach Regent, which is home to the state’s Enchanted Highway. Here, you’ll get to enjoy attractions like “Deer Crossing”, “Geese in Flight”, “Teddy Rides Again”, and “World’s Largest Tin Family”.

When you’ve had your fill of ‘magic’, go back to I-94 and turn west to reach Dickinson.

Day Four

Take Highway 22 and drive north until you reach Manning, which will give you access to the south point of the Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway. You will then have to travel within the Fort Berthold Reservation to reach Highway 23 and Watford City. From there, turn south as you reach Highway 85.

Day Five

Take Highway 52 to reach the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Backway. It’s a good distance away but well worth every minute of the trip. You will then have to take the following route: east on H-5 and north on H-15 to reach the equally impressive Turtle Mountain Byway.

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