Here’s How to Choose You Camping Shoes, Boots and Footwear

Chapter 7: It’s All About Your Hiking Footwear

Suffice to say, looks should be your least priority when shopping for camping footwear. At the end of the day, you’ll care more about the kind of footwear that allows you to enjoy your vacation with two pain-free feet rather than be the most fashionable camper in the eyes of wild animals.

Type of Activity

Not all camping boots are designed for heavy-duty use. Some are simply made for day walks while others are specially designed for mountaineers or backpackers. Ultimately, it’s best to invest in all-around boots that you can use for any type or length of outdoor trips.


The golden rule of choosing something half or one size bigger than your actual size still applies. But be sure to keep in mind if you are planning to use thick or multiple socks. The same goes for any orthotics that you’re planning or required to use.


This is a must even if you’re not travelling during the rainy season. There are many possible ways for your boots to get wet and you need waterproof camping boots to keep your feet dry and protected throughout your travel.


Consider warranty and materials used. The most important material is that which comprises the sole of the boot as it’s the one subjected to the heaviest use.

When shopping for camping footwear, don’t just focus on looking for the best boots alone. After all, you won’t be wearing camping boots all the time. When you’re at the campsite, you’ll want to rest your feet and kick back with sandals or slippers. Be sure that they’re designed for outdoor use as well.

Recommended Items for Camping Boots

Here are a number of hiking boots that come highly recommended from campers.

Product: Chaco Men’s Flip Pro S-09


It comes with a rugged, synthetic design that’s perfect for outdoor us. Its polyester webbing ensures quick-dry use if you end up wetting your feet. It’s also equipped with Vibram outsoles designed specifically for all-terrain use.

Product: Merrell Men’s MOAB Mid Gore-TEX XCR – S09


Merrell’s mid-height offering is made perfect with its anti-microbial GORE-TEX XCR design. Proper ventilation for your feet is also guaranteed with the breathable mesh integrated with the boots’ structure.

Product: La Sportiva Women’s Fireblade Shoes – S09


This pair of camping shoes provides women with the optimal footwear: lightweight use and excellent performance. There’s also an external scree guard to “lock” your shoes into place.