Choose Your Outdoor Gear eBook – Prepare for Hiking and Camping

How to Choose
the Right Outdoor Gear for You

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Gear for You

The “right” – or “wrong” – camping and hiking equipment can make or break your trip. 

From comfort to safety, outdoor gear is often the key to a satisfying trip – whether you are on the survival adventure of a lifetime, or simply taking the kids for an overnight trip to the lake.

So, in recognition of its importance, we put together this concise outdoor gear guide to help you find the best materials for your individual needs.

While there is a lot we can – and will – add to this guide, we’ve tried to give you a nice roadmap. We cover all your basic items – from hiking boots to lanterns, camping stoves to tents – to assist you in your purchase decisions.

Finally, please remember that the information here is meant to serve as a baseline in your research. We encourage you to read as much as you can before you determine the features and brands that will best serve your needs.

We begin with perhaps the most elemental item – lighting.