Don’t Buy Your Outdoor Gear on Price Alone

Chapter 8: How Much Should You Pay for Your Outdoor Equipment?

The Right Price for the Right Outdoor Gear

You may have noticed that price hasn’t been discussed much throughout this guide and rightly so. Unlike with other activities or vacations, outdoor and camping trips require users to prioritize safety, comfort, and functionality over price.

Take camping footwear for example. If you’re simply taking a walk around the park then it’s all right to prioritize affordability and even aesthetics above all other considerations. But outdoor terrain is less forgiving to your feet and there’s rarely a chance for you to exchange your choice of footwear for something else if it proves to be uncomfortable or less hardy. This analogy applies to all other essentials that find their way on to your checklist.

If you want to have the most enjoyable outdoor vacation possible, then don’t compromise on your gear and/or equipment.

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