Here’s What You Need to Know About Camping Chairs

Chapter 5: How to Find a Comfortable Camping Chair

Just like with camping tents, shopping for camping chairs is one of the more enjoyable experiences because you don’t need to worry much about the technical stuff. It’s all about pleasing yourself and your loved ones; however, there are several practical factors that you need to keep mind before you make your purchase.

Here’s what you need to know…


A camping chair can’t be a chair alone. It has to offer more than that. Otherwise, you might as well leave it at home since there will always be other places to sit and you won’t have to worry about carrying extra gear when you travel.


This is a significant factor if you have a heavy build like that of a footballer player.

You want a chair that can last you numerous camping trips. Consider the maximum weight it can bear. Also, remember that durability depends mostly on the frame and other materials used. Lastly, warranty enters the picture when concerning durability so be sure to check what kind of warranty is offered before purchasing a camping chair.

Storage Pockets and Holders

Camping chairs usually come with various storage pockets and holders. A basic camping chair would probably have a cup holder and side pockets for books and what-have-yous.


Backpack-styled chairs are the best design for outdoor use because they don’t have to be assembled or disassembled for quick and easy storage. They’re the most portable and are usually lightweight as well. If you don’t find backpack chairs appealing, try to look for camping chairs that are at least portable or come with their own carrying cases.

Features to Look for in a Camping Chair

When shopping online for camping chairs, you may also use terms like folding chairs and loungers. This will give you a broader selection to choose from and consequently increase the chances of you finding a camping chair that has most of the must-have features listed here.


This is a must! You might think armrests are unnecessary at the moment, but when you’re camping and you want a place to lounge, you’ll really appreciate a camping chair that has a place for your arms.

Adjustable Positions

Camping chairs should allow for adjustable positions to ensure that you’ll find that exact sweet spot you need for perfect R&R while enjoying the peace and quiet of the wilderness. Some offer three positions to choose from, others offer five or even seven…the more, the merrier!

Built-In Pillow or Headrest

Sure, you can bring a pillow with you anytime but that’s just one more thing to pack and worry about losing. It’s better overall to simply invest in a camping chair that offers this comfort add-on built-in.

Low Maintenance

Camping chairs should be made of materials or fabrics that are quick and easy to clean – preferably something that will allow you to just wipe away food stains. Look for rust-free metal frames as well. They are more hygienic and visually pleasing. A waterproof camping chair is also a nice to have. This way, you won’t have to run out of your tent to save your camping chair from a brewing storm.

Canopy or Shade

Some camping chairs have retractable canopies or shades to shield you from the harsh sunlight when you’re resting outdoors.

Attached Table and Kitchen Workspace

The best camping chair will no doubt serve as an all-in-one kitchen and dining set because it comes with a built-in aluminum tabletop (similar to the design of school desks of yore) as well as a kitchen “pantry” that could work as a wind-protected cooking area for your stove or as a storage unit for your kitchen and dining essentials. Most of the time, this type of camping chair comes with its own carry-on case or transport sack as well.

Optional Features for Additional Comfort

Meshes will increase ventilation for your camping chair. The addition of footrests could also convert your camping chair into a day bed. Further, high-end models offer insulated pockets to keep your hot or cold drinks just the right temperature.