The Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP) – Reviewed

“Ordinary” insurance just doesn’t cut it sometimes, especially for people who have special needs. Full-time RV owners and travelers, for example, have insurance needs that regular auto insurance just can’t provide. This is why a Good Sam Club insurance plan might just be a better option if you live in an RV, even if only for a fraction of the year.

Good Sam actually offers a variety of insurance policies to its members. The most popular of these is the Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP), which gives benefits that were specifically tailored for the needs of an RV owner. For example, ordinary auto insurance will most likely not be comprehensive enough to cover all of your personal belongings inside the RV, such as the fridge, gas stove, or double-deck bed.

Conversely, all those items, plus the permanent RV accessories such as awnings and satellite dishes, are included in Sam’s insurance.

This Good Sam Club insurance policy also includes options for full-time coverage, which is very useful if your RV is your home, and a storage option for those who don’t use their RV during certain times of the year. Full-time coverage is much like “real” homeowner’s insurance, while the storage option allows you to save on certain aspects of the insurance, such as collision and liability, so you don’t have to pay the premium in full during those months.

Good Sam VIP: Insurance for RVs – Get a Free Quote

The ultimate benefit from this insurance — and I think it has won over many who have considered other choices — is an optional full replacement cost coverage. This works for totaled or stolen RVs in their first five model years. Good Sam will replace your RV with a comparable new one, then after the first five model years, you will receive the full amount that you used to buy your original RV.

However, as with all insurance policies, it is important that you read the fine print before you sign up. The full replacement cost coverage only works for RVs that cost below $500,000. If your RV costs more than that, you will also have to insure all other vehicles you have, including automobiles and motorcycles, with Good Sam VIP so that you are eligible to receive this benefit.

If you choose to do so, you receive a 20% discount on all other vehicles that you insure with Good Sam, which is actually better because it is cheaper and more convenient than getting another insurance policy for your other vehicles from a different provider. The full replacement cost coverage also includes your entire hitch assembly. If you have a tow vehicle or a fifth wheel, Good Sam also provides coverage for that.

An emergency expenses allowance is also provided for RVers who find themselves stranded because of a collision or vehicle damage. Good Sam provides money for food, lodging, and other needs if you find yourself 100 miles away from your house in a damaged RV – that is, of course, if the RV isn’t your full-time home.

Good Sam Club insurance also offers three other policies that are not exclusive to RVers. These are a supplemental health insurance policy, a term life, and travel insurance for US residents traveling to Canada and Canadian residents traveling to the US.

Looking for RV Insurance?

If your answer is yes, then check out The Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP).

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    In september we were parked at a curb in Oregon. A motor struck the left side of my truck. I called gmac insurance and reported it i was told that at this point it was less than my deductable and i shoulkd contact the ladies insurance which when idid i was told she had allowed her policy to expired. when notified you wrote me acheck to cover the damage. today i called gmac to make a change of address and was informed that because i reported the accident mw insurance would go up 181.00 because i had a not my fault claim, they did nothing to help me out and for this i got a rate increase.either pay or lump it . Beware foxs dressed as sheep even if they say there good sam

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