Discover the Essential Camping Supplies and Pointers for Wilderness Survival


To survive in the wilderness with your family, you need both knowledge and gear.  Here are the essentials… Before You Go: 1.Learn first aid and CPR. Every member of your family over the age of 12 should know these life-saving skills.  In addition, to help expedite learning, you can assign tasks by age—the oldest child is in charge of CPR certifications for the … [Read more...]

Survival Camping Gear – Basic Survival Camping Gear to Have On Hand


Whenever one is camping there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. This makes having some type of survival camping gear on hand important. From unexpected storms to getting lost while hiking to a campsite, numerous things may occur. For anyone who is planning a trip into an area where there are few people or limited resources, it is important that they … [Read more...]

Wilderness Boot Camps for Teens: Are They Effective?


Wilderness boot camps have been getting a lot of flak from the media. So many horror stories have cropped up ever since the early 1990s, when teens who were seemingly leading troubled lives were killed in boot camps that were supposedly meant to reform them. It’s not surprising, then, that many parents aren't enthusiastic at the thought of sending their children to these … [Read more...]

Can Therapeutic Wilderness Camps Help Troubled Teens?


Right about the time children roll in to their teenage years is when parents like you experience the most number of attitude problems. Oh, but we’ve all been there, all right. The drugs, the sex, the alcohol. Or maybe not. When kids start dabbling in the unforgivables, parents immediately think of sending them away to boarding school, or rehab centers, or worse, boot camps. … [Read more...]

What Your Must Know About Outdoor Survival Kits


Wilderness survival kits are available for different types of outdoor ventures. For example, there are cold and hot climate kits. And there are outdoor survival kits that can be used for water-based experiences. There are also survival kits that come equipped with a full array of medical supplies. What is needed to Survive in Different Situations? A variety of general … [Read more...]