Are You Ready for the 2011 CANDISC?

Are You Ready for the 2011 CANDISC?

Are You Ready for the 2011 CANDISC?

The theme for this year’s Cycling around North Dakota in Sakakawea County is “Pedal the Pioneer Trail”. The seven-day tour will take place from August 6 – 13, 2011.

What are the designated routes for CANDISC 2011?

This year’s CANDISC will kick off at Fort Stevenson and end at Washburn, ND heading towards Garrison 41. The complete route is provided below for your convenience:

1st Day – Fort Stevenson – McClusky 64

2nd Day – McClusky – Tuttle 50

3rd Day – Tuttle – Napoleon 55

4th Day – Napoleon – Strasburg 58

5th Day – Strasburg – Bismarck 79

6th Day – Bismarck – Washburn 42

7th Day – Washburn – Garrison 41

Are you interested in being a part of the CANDISC tour but not in cycling?

CANDISC is one of the best cycling tours there is…no doubt about that, but it’s definitely not for every cyclist. Completing the tour takes great skill and stamina and if you haven’t been cycling for a long time then you might want to spend more time on practicing before challenging yourself to joining CANDISC.

One thing you can do this year, however, is to be a part of the preparations for this great cycling event. If you’re in the food and hospitality business, for example, you could be one of the hosting venues and communities that welcome and serve the participants. Awards up for grabs for such participants  include Best Rest Stop, Best Breakfast and Best Supper Meals, as well as  Best Host Community.

Also, if you can’t go cycling around North Dakota, the next best thing is to be a part of the festivities and witness everyone’s joy in cheering for the cyclists who complete the tour. In last year’s CANDISC, Glenburn made a sweep of the awards while 23 Hooters was awarded Best Rest Stop.

Another way you can participate is by volunteering to be one of the medics ready to provide assistance for cyclists. If your application is approved, you’ll receive a medical kit from the tour organizers as well as a $35 rebate once you’ve registered.

It’s going to be an exciting event.  Don’t miss it!

CANDISC is proud to be part of the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association.

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