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The Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP) – Reviewed

RV Camper

“Ordinary” insurance just doesn’t cut it sometimes, especially for people who have special needs. Full-time RV owners and travelers, for example, have insurance needs that regular auto insurance just can’t provide. This is why a Good Sam Club insurance plan might just be a better option if you live in an RV, even if only for a fraction of the year. Good Sam actually offers a … [Read more...]

Where Can I Find Used Boats for Sale?

Picture of Boat

Boats can be expensive, but that's no reason to allow yourself to be taken advantage of. If you're looking for a good deal on a boat, looking at used boats for sale is the ideal solution. Below are some good precepts to keep in mind as you perform your used boat search: For starters, it's not necessarily a good idea to purchase a boat from a broker. They certainly … [Read more...]

What is the Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Hiking Boots?

How to Choose the Best Camping Spots

The key factor in choosing between hiking shoes and hiking boots is the wildness of the terrain you plan to traverse. Determining your chosen route will help you to decide which type of footwear will best suit your needs. Hiking shoes are designed to support your feet on groomed trails. Hiking boots, on the other hand, are an ideal choice when on rugged or rocky terrain, … [Read more...]